Being the intersection of graph theory and computer science, Algorithmic Graph Theory is the study of graph-theoretical problems from a computational perspective. The goal of the Algorithmic Graph Theory minisymposium at the 10th Slovenian Conference on Graph Theory is to present the spectrum of current research in the area, highlighting relevant open problems and possible techniques for solving them. The topics of interest include (but are not limited to): structural graph theory, graph classes, width parameters, algorithmic metatheorems, parameterized complexity, and approximation algorithms.

Keynote speaker
Kristina Vušković, University of Leeds, UK

Tentative participants (to be updated; any participants of the conference are welcome to join the minisymposium)
  • Bogdan Alecu
  • Drago Bokal
  • Sergio Cabello
  • Dibyayan Chakraborty
  • Juhi Chaudhary
  • Nina Chiarelli
  • Nicholas Crawford
  • Clément Dallard
  • Andreas Darmann
  • Meike Hatzel
  • Claire Hilaire
  • Liana Khazaliya
  • Matjaž Krnc
  • Martin Milanič
  • Bojan Mohar
  • Benjamin Moore
  • Andrea Munaro
  • Peter Muršič
  • Irena Penev
  • Mateusz Rychlicki
  • Robert Scheffler
  • Leonard Soicher
  • Kenny Štorgel
  • John Sylvester
  • Kristina Vušković
  • Sebastian Wiederrecht
  • Russ Woodroofe
  • Carl Yerger
  • Viktor Zamaraev

Conference schedule

The talks of the minisymposium are scheduled from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, there will be a closely related minisymposium on Structural Graph Theory.

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